perthshire kettlebells 2012


It is a simple as what you eat and how you move!

I am very passionate about my work and I live and breathe everything I do. Anything that is asked of my clients I have been through myself. What I teach is what I do.

As a mother of two running my business/passion, and participating in the odd Triathlon and this year quadrathlon I am kept pretty busy. And like everybody else, I am only human. My journey of health is ever evolving and I love it!

So I invest my time in educating clients about how they can gain back the control of their own health and vitality.

There is no quick fix. It is a lifetime, it is a journey. The pleasure is in the journey and not the end result. We are fixated by the end point and loose what is around us that is most important.

Why subject yourself to pain, misery and countless failed attempts at health when you a can embrace everything around you and trust in your own instinct. Only you know how you feel and only you can heal yourself.

Here is where your journey to true health begins.


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