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May 2013 Newsletter: Summer Preparation

So a thought for preparing for the summer: Most of you who know me know that Food is my world and that my nature is “live to eat”. When I explain to people that we can mend ourselves with food – I am drawn a strange look. So here goes. We eat three times a day – a necessary part of ou
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Winter Training Article

Point one: Diet supersedes exercise. Point two: eating Fat doesn’t make you fat. So point one: Exercise is a fairly new concept to us and we have more gyms, gadgets and gismos than we ever had. And we still have an increase in Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and a whole host o
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Weight Loss and Nutrition Free Talk

Weight Loss and Nutrition talk at Karelia House Kenmore. Click the image below for further info, or go to the Contact Page to book a free place.
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Vibram Five Fingers

As many of you know and from the website pictures can see that I am a true fan of Vibram five fingers. I have used them for years and have competed in a half ironman, I road run, hill run and kettlebell in them. I have them an all day, every day, even known to wear them to the occasio
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