perthshire kettlebells 2012

Class Policy

Kettlebell Classes/Bootcamp Policy

For everyone to get the most from Bootcamp, please read through the following guidelines.

  • It is important for all participants to know their ability with regards to fitness.  With Classes/ Bootcamp you will be pushed on your physical ability.  It is therefore important for you to know your own limit of what your body can or cannot manage.  This is not an excuse to give up, but a reminder of keeping yourself safe. Please seek Dr’s consent if you are not familiar with this type of training.
  • Instruction cannot cover all contingencies, and there is no substitute for good judgment. Please exercise your good judgement.
  • Part of each day’s sessions will consist of a warm up and cool down.  Should you require more of a warm up or cool down then please feel free to attend venue slightly earlier or stay a little later to carry out your stretches.
  • Prior to starting the course you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and a disclaimer form.  If you should suffer from any injury through the week, you MUST report this at the start of each training session.
  • If at any point through the kettlebell class/ bootcamp you do not understand an exercise shown to you or you do not feel comfortable doing it, please make an instructor aware and we will adjust the exercise as necessary.
  • Footwear – It is always recommended to train bare foot or in flat shoes – not cushioned trainers as this can compromise training or lead to knee and back problems.
  • This week is for you to enjoy and get the most from.  This is a very efficient and safe way to train so long as you are willing to agree to the above guidelines.