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May 2013 Newsletter: Summer Preparation

So a thought for preparing for the summer:

Most of you who know me know that Food is my world and that my nature is “live to eat”. When I explain to people that we can mend ourselves with food – I am drawn a strange look. So here goes.

We eat three times a day – a necessary part of our existence. Should we stop then our bodies will stop. Each time we eat we replace a cell that has died off in our bodies, this is a continuing cycle to mend and repair our bodies. This mending that takes place is either of good quality or bad depending on what we have eaten. I don’t fancy a can of coke or worse diet coke mending the cells of my optic nerve thanks very much! Not all foods have the same nutritional value.

We are all unique and require our own food types in certain ratios (macronutrients). The cultures that are untouched to the western world do not possess cancer, dementia, alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, etc. They eat for what fuels their body in their environment. “One Man’s food is another Man’s poison”

My analogy is:

I wanted my wood burning stove to heat the whole house for 24hrs with two logs. Is this going to happen? No! Because I haven’t put in the right amount of fuel in.

I put in a damp log – will I get out the heat? No! Because it can’t burn a damp log! That is not the right type of fuel.

Your body needs the right amount and type of fuel in order to live an optimum healthy life and reduce or eradicate the chances of degenerative disease and symptoms – which could be ANTHYING!

What is more sustainable than eating food that is whole, organic and the right kind for your body type?

This “one size fits all” approach to health doesn’t work:

Fasting . Just Protein Diet . Reduce calorie intake . Liquid/shake diets

Low fat Diet . No carb Diet . No Carb After lunch


These cannot be sustained for your own health – you need all three food groups with every meal (carbs, protein and fats). Bare in mind there is no medication on this earth that stops obesity, diabetes, heart failure, IBS. You have the control – it’s as simple as what you put in your mouth. Make every meal count. Food for your metabolic type is the answer. We are individuals and trying what your friend does is not going to cut it.

Take the action now. Feel better and find out your metabolic type. You have nothing to lose. At worse you will feel better at best you have reversed a degenerative disease and controlled your weight.