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Nici Ward

“I went to Sam not really knowing what metabolic typing was or what it could do for me and now, some 5 months later, I have never felt better or more energetic.  Sam guided me through the process for 3 months – she is very enthusiastic and inspiring and completely non-judgemental.  The journey isn’t an easy one but Sam is always there to help, giving guidance and encouragement.  I think she has to be one of the most positive and encouraging people I have ever met but in a very practical, non-emotional way.  I recommend her without hesitation.”

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I have been working with Sam now for 19 months now, since I went to see her with a knee injury in may 2012. Within the 19 months we have done so much to create a healthier lifestyle.

In November 2012 I started my Metabolic Typing journey. I thought I was going to be a carb type, but I am fast oxidizer # 2-0 which is a protein type. When I started I thought I would never mange with out my carbs i.e. breads, rice and pasta but I very quickly started to love my new diet. Then I had to deal with my up to 15 cup a day instant coffee habit , I had known for sometime that it was a very unhealthy habit but was scared to stop. Giving up coffee was one of the hardest if the hardest thing I have ever done!! The caffeine withdrawal was messy to say the least!!! Now I enjoy the odd cup of coffee, but mostly decaf as I am like a child who has to much sugar if I drink too much caffeine!!! In the first few months of changing to my MT plan my weight dropped to the lowest it has ever been in my adult life! My body shape changed too, my muscles were much more defined as I was getting the protein I needed to repair them. As my previous diet was very low protein and high carb and processed foods. My body did not repair it self properly as my diet was very unbalanced. I have been following MT for a year now. I have had my ups and downs when it comes to my eating habits but doesn’t everyone!!! My worst habit is over eating. This has been my problem for most of my life. I did over eat food that were my type thinking this is was what my type so it will be fine I was eating without thinking and the pounds crept back on again. When this happened Sam was always there to helps point me in the right direction and the odd kick up the bum as I needed it often.

As woman we live by the scales all the time which we shouldn’t. I can honestly say I am so much healthier now than I have even been. I have more energy, I sleep better, I used to get headaches often and painkillers lived in my hand bag, I have not taken a painkiller since I have started MT journey.

In the last 19 months my physical activity has gone from strength to strength, with Sam help’ along the way. I have taken part in a few events such as two 10k charity, two half marathons, and the tough mudder. My training for all of these has been running, two kettlebell classes a week along with three kettlebell boot camps. I know enjoy so many new things like cycling and i have started to learn how to swim probarly as I am aiming to do a sprint triathlon next year!!

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David Brice & Paul Bradford

Before meeting Sam we had tried all sorts of diets which all had an inevitable conclusion. I had been extremely fit until two years ago, but injury plagued any attempt to lose weight through exercise.

Sam’s holistic and passionate approach to health was exactly what we needed. First concentrating on what we ate then building up exercise has worked perfectly and after being re-trained how to run alas I am now injury free.

The impact Sam had on our lives made it extremely difficult to move away from Kenmore and consideration of that impact was higher than almost any other thought.

However, now working in sunny Spain lends itself perfectly to outdoor exercise and a healthy Mediterranean  diet is helping continue to work that Sam started.

Without Sam we would be stuck in that pitiful trap of feeling lethargic then comfort eating to provide a sugar intake for short term reward. Now its a choice to eat fresh foods and doesn’t at all feel like a diet and with exercise mow second nature there’s a huge turnaround in how we feel and genuinely advise parking any reservations and let Sam take control of how you feel and watch out for some amazing results!

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Paula Henderson

I started with Sam  with the aim of losing a couple of stones that I’d gained over the last  few years. A desk job working from home had made the fridge too accessible and the gym wasn’t on the way home anymore! I’d become a habitual grazer with Friday night take aways, Saturday night beers and Sunday “cheat days”. What’s happened over the last 9 months has been much more than “a diet” its been an education and  given me a completely new way of looking at food that’s now become an on-going  lifestyle choice.

The metabolic typing process has made me look at food in a different way, I’ve happily realised you can eat more than lettuce and maintain a healthy weight. I’ve got more energy than I ever had, I’m  full after meals and I’m choosing the foods that are good for my type and my health without drifting back to the crisps and carbs that have been my downfall in the past.  Plus, I still get to have wine on a Friday!

The MT was only part of it. A regular exercise regime with on-going support from Sam has helped shifted the pounds and I feel great! My body shape has changed and I’m slowly but surely getting fitter than ive been in a long time. Having someone talking you through the overall process ,acknowledging how your feeling and encouraging you on a weekly basis has worked for me. Left to my own I’d sneak in the odd pork pie and then give up because I’d ruined that day. Hell, everyone needs a pork pie occasionally!

The one week boot camp was just what I needed to kick start things after a lull. We had hourly sessions for a week but instead of trudging off to the gym with the same old regime, every day was something new. Chi Running, Mountain Biking, Kick boxing & Kettle bells. It was a great way to work every muscle in the body (and ones I didn’t know I had) without it being a chore. I can thoroughly recommend it!

I’ve had people ask if it’s an expensive way to eat. Well yes, eating healthy organic food can be expensive. But it doesn’t all have to be grass fed sirloin and you don’t need to be home rearing next years Christmas Turkey in your back garden. You choose the foods that’re as good as you can get to give your body the best chance it can to work efficiently. It’s all about choice and choosing how far you want to take it.

Would I recommend the process? Hell yes! It’s not easy but I’m worth it 🙂

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Lucy Davidson

A good friend of mine recommended i go see Sam after i hurt my Knee while training for a 10 km run. Sam diagnosed Iliotibial band friction (runners Knee) Sam gave me strengthening exercises to do twice daily. She explained about how my core didn’t have enough strength to support my legs and arms. I didn’t do any core work at all. She told me about kettle bells and how it would help. I went to the first class, I was nervous as it was a big class with a lot of fit looking people. i gave it everything I had the first class. I hurt for at least 3 days after!!!

I went along to the next class. With doing the exercises and the class i manage to run the 10 km without my knee hurting.
I joined the June boot camp, which i loved! it was 5 nights a mixture of kettle bells, boxing, body weights. it was a great week, meeting some great people.

I have had four personal training sessions with Sam everyone being different and challenged me every time and been tough (but you are so nice while being tough). Sam tailored the personnel sessions to my needs.
Kettle bells is a total all over body work out, great core strengthening, good cardio work out to. Since the first Kettle bells class in May 2012 I have lost 4 inches from my bust, waist, and hips (in four months) and I have ABS which I never thought possible.
Thank you Sam for all you help, advice and encouragement.

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Susan Finlay

I started training with Sam in October 2010 when a friend wanted to have some personal training and dragged me along for company. After the first session, which was only about 5 minutes of kettle bells, I could hardly walk and was seriously thinking I was too old for this type of exercise. However I persevered and now some twenty months down the line I am really glad I did. Sam makes the sessions fun and encourages us to push ourselves mostly in the nicest possible way! Over the years I have tried numerous forms of exercise to try and keep fit including aerobics, squash, swimming and had been a member of a gym for a long time but none of these have given me the same results as Sam’s kettlebell sessions. I certainly feel fitter now than I have ever been and would strongly recommend Sam’s kettlebell training to anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels.

I could say much the same about the metabolic profiling. Again the same friend wanted to try this and talked me into joining her. I was really sceptical but have to say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I lost a stone in weight without too much effort and felt better when I stuck rigidly to the diet. Of course I have lapsed somewhat but having gone through the profiling it has made me much more aware of what I am eating and as a result I have not put the weight back on. Again I had tried to lose a few pounds before by cutting out various things but without success so I can heartily recommend metabolic typing.

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Highly Recommended

After years of slowly piling on the pounds, half-hearted exercise regimes and going from one diet to another, I put myself in Sam’s capable hands.  6 wks later I have never felt better or had more energy, I have lost weight, inches and reduced my body fat.  I haven’t looked back and couldn’t be more satisfied, I couldn’t have done it without Sam’s support and guidance.  Her introduction of Metabolic Typing has been a revelation and proves eating the right foods in the correct ratio is the only way for a healthy lifestyle, it’s like your own food DNA.  i look forward to continuing my journey and education and would not hesitate to promote metabolic typing and cannot recommend Sam highly enough.

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Duncan Shearer

I have known Sam for a number of years as a personal trainer ,and also as a friend.i have used Sam s kettle bell class for over two years,I have never been one for using classes,but gave kettle bells ago and loved the class and even the pain after the first couple of goes.i found that my fitness ,and my core strength improved dramatically .i have used Sam as a personal trainer on a one to one basis,and found her encouragement and knowledge a great benefit to me.i would recommend her to my family and friends.

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Elaine Taylor

Metabolic typing:
I have always been aware that there are things I eat that simply do not work with my system. These are not allergies or intolerances but just things that didn’t bring out the best in me. Metabolic typing took the guess work out of it for me and helped me find the things that really make my digestion work. Rather than seeing it as a restrictive diet for life, think about it as guidance to better health.

Quite simply the best restorative massage ever. I suffer from such a weak back, and if I could, I would entrust it to Sam happily for the rest of my life.

First time, 3 minutes, couldn’t move for two days. A joy! Real work, real results, real sweat

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Bootcamp June 2012

• Love it Great Fun

• Fantastic way of strengthening body and focusing on exercise

• Kettlebells are the perfect class to challenge you physically & mentally. If you’re looking for a different and challenging class; this is it. I feel better and healthier for taking it.

• It was a great week – every night was varied, thoroughly recommend it.

• Sam offers a professional week of Bootcamp that you gain fitness and fun.

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