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Winter Training Article

Point one: Diet supersedes exercise. Point two: eating Fat doesn’t make you fat.

So point one:

Exercise is a fairly new concept to us and we have more gyms, gadgets and gismos than we ever had. And we still have an increase in Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and a whole host of other ailments and symptoms. And everywhere we turn there is another pill, drink or fad that will give us this optimum health we all seek. How long have you lasted on one of those health claims or prescription drugs before you realise it isn’t doing you much good. Or are you still on them, still believing?

Boost your health, by going back to basics and eating what we were supposed to eat. Addressing YOUR individual need, with whole food can help you understand what works best for you. We are bombarded with the advice before during and after training, before during and after events. Again we are seeing the “one size fits all” approach: Carbohydrate loading (pastas, rice, cereals, breads); Protein after training to build muscle, usually in the form of shakes. At what point can your body benefit from processed/high starch, grain food. Metabolic Typing is where you learn what your body can benefit from.

Symptoms are the sign that your body is not in balance. Being overweight, having psoriasis, IBS, lethargy, poor sleep pattern, all signs of the body not being fuelled properly. The saying “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” What is right for one may not have an effect on another of make the third worse.

Everyone is unique; we can’t possibly all function at optimum from the same program. Ultimately we are looking for homeostasis – where the body reaches balance. For those of you that need to lose weight, the body will get rid of it, for those that need to gain weight the body will acquire it. For those that want this and to feel good the body will adapt and change to get it all by eating what is right for you.


Point two:

Fat makes you fat is a myth created by the big food manufacturers. We require fat for our bodies to metabolise. It is important that we get the right balance of fats in order for us to have normal cell function. Each person is individual so amounts vary from person to person.

Metabolic Typing is a unique way of finding your correct fuel source. By balancing the body from the cell structure upward (homeostasis), the symptoms can reduce, reverse or even become eradicated. Sugar cravings reduce and optimum weight is obtained.

When we look back a couple of generations, when whole food was their only option – we didn’t see obesity heart disease or diabetes. We saw slim, fit people having grafted the land and walked most places. And they ate butter, lard and good amounts.

Now the world is consumed by low fat products. By loading up on these so called health products which contain, more sugar, preservative, salt, heated, treated, injected and served with a pretty wrapper, the nation is becoming more fat and more ill. The bad fat is contained in all these crisps, cakes, and biscuits even those that claim to be “part of a healthy diet”.

Whole Food is our medicine to be enjoyed. Get back to basics and start cooking fresh with the foods we have been given naturally.

Be aware of what you put in your mouth. Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food. Find out your metabolic Type and start eating well, feeling well and performing better.